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Christopher J. Broderick

Christopher J. Broderick


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Chris is President and Chief Investment Officer of FWM. Chris has nearly seventeen years of financial services industry experience. Chris obtained his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and also holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

From 1994 through 2010 Chris was a key leader at Westminster Financial Companies, Inc., serving as President and Chief Compliance Officer of the firm’s broker dealer and Chief Operations Officer. Among his varied duties, he was responsible for the development of investment policy/strategy, portfolio design and implementation, trading and reporting.

Chris is responsible for the overall investment management services provided by FWM, and serves as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer. He also maintains a personal wealth management practice focused on investor education, prudent planning practices, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation strategies.

Chris has been a long-term resident of Dayton, Ohio where his family settled following his father’s 30 year career with the United State Air Force. Mr. Broderick has again followed family interests to the greater Washington DC area and is one of the founding members of FWM.

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